Are You Losing Credibility?

If age is a big factor of your target market for your product and you haven’t refreshed your website in the last 3 years you could be in trouble. Its no secret that the digital representation of your brand is becoming more and more important. Poor design is becoming less and less tolerable, this applies to your website too – not just your product.

Here’s the new formula for building credibility with your digital presence.

Ensure your brand is not fragmented (logo’s, colors, fonts) + Publish content regularly & invite your tribe to participate in the conversation + Ensure your website is ready for smartphone and tablet users = Success 

Websites are now accessed by mobile devices more than desktop devices. If your website is not friendly and welcoming you will be losing traffic and turning customers away because your content is not convenient for the younger demographic.

Your website needs to be convenient, its your online sales pitch – make sure its quick & easy for your potential customers.

Why You Should Be Using Evernote

You might have a note taking system that works for you and have no desire to change. If thats the case, what I am about to say won’t mean much to you. But if you think you have the slightest chance to be persuaded away from your current note taking methods, please read on!

For all you skim readers heres a video overview


Evernote is accessible from just about every major device with apps on desktop(windows, mac, *unofficial linux clients*) mobile(iOS, android, windows phone, and blackberry) as well as accessible from a web browser.

After you sign up with Evernote. The first thing you will want to do is… well… start taking notes. You can begin to organize your notes in notebooks(each note can be placed in only one notebook) and tags(each note can have many tags). When you write a note, Evernote will log the location that you wrote the note, allowing you to later access your notes via a map(helpful if you can’t remember what a note was called but remember where you wrote it). This is just the foundation of Evernote.

There are many things that make Evernote more powerful/useful.

  • Apps
    • There is an entire eco-system of apps that work with Evernote and help you accomplish your goals. I specifically use Skitch(annotate pictures and documents) & Penultimate(sketchbook)
    • Browser Extensions: these integrate into your web browser and allow you to “clip” or capture with 2 clicks the article or website you are reading. These clips are also searchable. Forget not being able to remember <— See what i did there — what website you read that one thing on.
  • Searching Pictures
    • Evernote enables you to search pictures if you are confused by this its ok. If you take a picture with Evernote or import a picture Evernote will cache it and index any text/words visible in a picture you take. Still confused? Watch this video [youtube]
  • Shared Notebooks
    • You can share a notebook with another evernote user via email and they will be able to collaborate with you and edit anything you put in that notebook. My family has a shared notebook of all our recipes, we can add new concoctions by hand or snap a picture of a recipe out of a book or a magazine.
  • Audio & Docs
    • Evernote also enables you to make notes with your voice and also allows you to attach documents (.doc .ppt .pdf etc…) Documents you attach also become searchable.

Explore Evernote and let me know if you find a neat way to use it!

I Have Facebook, Why Would I Need a Website?

You have a message to deliver to your tribe, and it is important. Facebook is how you communicate this message. But its time to change source of your message. Communicating purely through Facebook puts you at the mercy of Facebook and their ever-changing terms of service. Mark Zuckerburg writes all the laws for how you communicate your message.

What this means for you is that for somebody to see your message they have to like your page, but even still they might miss your message in the flood of everything else in their newsfeed. Its also critical that people rate your page with stars – for you to appear at the top of user’s news feeds. Still sometimes Facebook doesn’t deliver your message to all your fans –

You need to be able to deliver your message to people regardless of if they have Facebook or not. When the laws of “Facebook land” change (or if they ever force business’s to pay for people to see and of their posts at all), you still want to be able to communicate.

This is why you need a website. You decide when where and how to communicate. You can tie in with Facebook and Twitter but your brand won’t live or die based on the decisions they make. This enables you to take advantage of all the good of Facebook but when it comes down to it, you are in charge of your content. When another social media platform emerges on top, you won’t have to build from the ground up again. Do yourself a favor and future-proof your brand’s communications. Facebook alone won’t cut it anymore. You need a website.

Ryland Weaver & His Dream

Today Ryland Weaver’s website went public! Head over to and check him out! This website design was heavily influenced by who Ryland is. The green and blue color scheme was exactly what he wanted, the font is big, and the layout is shapely. Show this website to your kids, hopefully they find the site to be fun and enjoy reading updates about the progress Ryland and those who are supporting this effort.

Today I sat down with him and taught him how to update and use his website. If a seven year old can run a website – so can you!


Advocating for a Park Downtown


Today I met with Ryland Weaver who has recently been expressing interest in advocating for getting a park installed in Downtown Salisbury. We talked about some of the reasons he would like to see a park in downtown, and he even had stats prepared. Ryland is ready to communicate reasons for the hope he has and he has already mapped out potential locations for this endeavor. I’m excited help give him a platform to voice his hope and update you on his progress as he brings vibrancy downtown.

Look for me to post an update quickly. This project will be made public very soon.