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How to Trigger a Livewire Method from Outside a Livewire Component

Alpine.js and Livewire are two of the most popular JavaScript frameworks for Laravel. Alpine is a lightweight framework that allows you to add interactivity to your web pages without having to write a lot of code. Livewire is a framework that allows you to build interactive web pages with server-side logic. Alpine and Livewire work … Continued

Use Webpack Without Writing a Webpack Config

I doubt you got into web development because of your desire to write Webpack configs. You shouldn’t have to waste hours to create your bundles. Webpack can sometimes feel like this unagreeable middleman if you haven’t spent significant time with the documentation and hands on experience. Even if you do have considerable experience Webpack can … Continued

How To Merge Unrelated Git Histories With Conflicts

I recently took over a project that was hosted on WP Engine. When I took over the project I didn’t have a git repository for it. I could have pulled from WP Engine initially – but I didn’t. I downloaded from a WP Engine backup instead and committed this to my new git repository. This … Continued