How to Get More Google Business Reviews

Reviews on your Google Profile can have a huge influence on your business. When you know a business is credible, your likelihood of spending money with that business increases. Put some work into your Google Business profile, it will increase your credibility.

Here’s what Google’s local results look like when searching for a service.sample google search result for "coffee shops"

Editing your profile will give you some control over what shows up here for your business in local search results. When you have a lot of positive reviews you are more likely to show up at the top. When searching a specific place, more information pops up that is critical to have control of. With specific pictures your hours of business and your top reviews.

direct search for "main roots coffee"

But businesses often find it really difficult to get reviews. There are a few things you can do to get more reviews.

Build a review link

Users normally have to go down and click leave a review on your listing. It can also be achieved through google maps. But this can be difficult to explain to customers. If you can give your customers a link on their receipt – even better if its emailed to them through something like square, or texted to them depending on business context it can make things much easier.

To build your link you must already be registered as a place on Google – meaning you’ve activated your google business profile.

The first step is really really easy! Simply copy and paste this for safe keeping ->

Then find your place ID in google using this link and putting your business in the search bar.

The last step is to combine the first part of the link and the placeid that you just copied so that it looks like this.

If you want to shorten it up a bit you could always use a link shortening service like

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