Is Your Marketing Worth the Interruption?

The whole concept of marketing is an interruption. Marketing comes from a need to influence people. Purchasing products, or choosing one elected official over another, the reason for each campaign is different. At the core of it though we are trying to interrupt a specific kind of person’s day and change their mind or give an offer.

In marketing, we do not already have the attention of those we want to have conversations with. So we interrupt their day and hope that the money we spent to be an interruption was worth it. That’s why marketing is such hard work. I like my routine, anything that deviates from that routine is a frustration. You are probably the same way.

Good marketing invites your attention away from your routine. When done well it will cause you to actually read that article or purchase that product, instead of opening Facebook for the 4th time in the last 10 minutes. Your marketing has to be perceived as worth more than the routines you are stepping in the way of. You better make good on that individuals attention – you might not get another shot. Attention is the premier resource, treat it with respect.

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