National Folk Festival Photography 2018

I was commissioned by the City of Salisbury to photograph on their behalf during the 2018 Folk Festival. They primarily wanted images of people enjoying themselves and the vendors around downtown.  I was also able to provide a few shots of some of the performances. Here are all of my favorite images from the festival this year!

City of Salisbury Website Redesign

As an entity grows, their website should grow with them. The City of Salisbury’s website hadn’t seen a redesign since early 2012. The City leadership mentioned that the website was not a primary focus for them. Until they put out an RFP in August of 2016.

The City of Salisbury needs a website that reflects our commitment to transparency in city government.

Jacob Day – Mayor (2016)

A total of 26 businesses responded to the RFP. I was ecstatic to find out in early September that my bid won. Soon we started into the early consultation and planning phase, with a whiteboard session. Our goal was to synthesize both the assets and challenges down to a sitemap. After we agreed on a sitemap, I was able to begin working on prototype designs.

Developing a prototype

The prototype needed to carefully considered the needs of 11 very different city departments. There was a lot of legacy content that I had to preserve. This legacy content was on three different websites but needed to be joined into this one new website.

After considering all of the possible users and use cases of this website I knew it had to be extremely flexible. My design also needed to rigid in all the right places. Navigation needed to be extremely simple, but despite all the flexibility it all needed to look and feel very cohesive.

I decided to implement a block layout for this website. The block layout would afford the site two benefits. Blocks allow for great amount of flexibility, allowing the city to place sections where they are needed. Block layouts also mean information may only be presented in a handful of different arrangements.

After presenting the prototype, the Mayor’s office absolutely loved it.

Design & Development

They asked for very minor tweaks and I got to work solving some of the higher level challenges. I began putting together as many blocks as I possibly could. I designed blocks that could display a single video or video gallery. The city needed a way to present events, so I designed a block for events.These blocks allow almost any kind of data to be presented on any page.

I decided to use a slide out menu due to the possibility of top level navigation items growing beyond 5-7 pages. This slide out menu ended up being one of the best possible decisions I could have made. The menu works excellently on mobile and desktop browsers.

I also gave the city the option of featuring specific menu items outside of the menu toggle. You can see many of the pages the city would like to guide you to being featured above like Report an Issue, Citizen Services, and pay a bill. We wanted to reduce the number of clicks a user would need to get to where they are going. That sitemap from early on in the project really helped make this part of design clearcut.

In chase of this goal of reducing navigational clicks, I also implemented a predictive search box.

After presenting the polished design roughly three and a half months later. I was given the go ahead to pull in legacy content and get it on a server.

Making Performance First Priority

Now that we had the website out on the internet and in the wild, it was time to make sure that it was performant. I implemented lazy loading of images and videos, as well as caching both in the browser and at the server level.

Also some tools were installed to reduce the size of assets uploaded by city employees.

For a site of this size we came away with some pretty impressive performance numbers in the page load time. The home page is an image heavy page with lots of assets and blocks being loaded. Both Twitter and Instagram APIs are being hit in addition to Youtube on this page. This page still loads in well under a second regularly.

Training and Education

Now that we had all the development behind us it was time to make sure the City had the knowledge of how to use their website, this was the most vital part of the whole process. I spent a little over a full work week training members from each city department how post to the website and update their own department pages. We started with classes of three departments at a time sending their employees. After training every department I began one on ones for employees who didn’t pick it up the first time.

All together I trained 60+ city employees how to run the city website.

The site had to be simple to update and easy to train so that the I.T. Department wouldn’t get bogged down make content changes on the website. Each department got their own logins and only has permissions and abilities to change their own content. This makes the information of each department able to move much quicker than submitting a change to the infrastructure team and waiting for them to implement.

After everybody was sufficiently trained each department got to work updating their pages.

Review & Launch

The departments were given deadlines by the Mayor’s Office and we began the review process making sure each rabbit hole had answers, each contact point had a form and at least one recipient. After all this work was done I was very proud to announce the new website with the city.

Check out the video below of the announcement of the site.

Our amazing new website is LIVE!!

Posted by Jacob Day on Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Check out this article about the website launch in the Salisbury Independent!

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How to Get More Google Business Reviews

Reviews on your Google Profile can have a huge influence on your business. When you know a business is credible, your likelihood of spending money with that business increases. Put some work into your Google Business profile, it will increase your credibility.

Here’s what Google’s local results look like when searching for a service.sample google search result for "coffee shops"

Editing your profile will give you some control over what shows up here for your business in local search results. When you have a lot of positive reviews you are more likely to show up at the top. When searching a specific place, more information pops up that is critical to have control of. With specific pictures your hours of business and your top reviews.

direct search for "main roots coffee"

But businesses often find it really difficult to get reviews. There are a few things you can do to get more reviews.

Build a review link

Users normally have to go down and click leave a review on your listing. It can also be achieved through google maps. But this can be difficult to explain to customers. If you can give your customers a link on their receipt – even better if its emailed to them through something like square, or texted to them depending on business context it can make things much easier.

To build your link you must already be registered as a place on Google – meaning you’ve activated your google business profile.

The first step is really really easy! Simply copy and paste this for safe keeping ->

Then find your place ID in google using this link and putting your business in the search bar.

The last step is to combine the first part of the link and the placeid that you just copied so that it looks like this.

If you want to shorten it up a bit you could always use a link shortening service like

Are You Ignoring Your Google Business Profile?

You want to appear at the top of the Google search results when locals search for the service you provide. Of course you want to be the top result! Ranking as the top result nets you statistical benefit of winning the customer.

Are you showing up in the top 3 results when searching for your service plus the town or state where you provide service from?  If you are showing up top 3 thats great! Did you know Google gives you some level of control in how your business appears when searched?

Setting up a Google My Business account gives you the ability to provide the most accurate information. You’ll have to enter the address where you operate from and then validate with a code Google will mail to your location. Using this process you can claim the website you are already using. After setting up your profile you can ask for reviews, add your phone number and hours of operation. Categories allow you to show up for categories of services.

You can add photos of your work, your team, and see how many people ask for directions to your business.

All of these areas when populated with quality information give Google several positive flags that your listing will help those that are looking for you.

Is Your Marketing Worth the Interruption?

The whole concept of marketing is an interruption. Marketing comes from a need to influence people. Purchasing products, or choosing one elected official over another, the reason for each campaign is different. At the core of it though we are trying to interrupt a specific kind of person’s day and change their mind or give an offer.

In marketing, we do not already have the attention of those we want to have conversations with. So we interrupt their day and hope that the money we spent to be an interruption was worth it. That’s why marketing is such hard work. I like my routine, anything that deviates from that routine is a frustration. You are probably the same way.

Good marketing invites your attention away from your routine. When done well it will cause you to actually read that article or purchase that product, instead of opening Facebook for the 4th time in the last 10 minutes. Your marketing has to be perceived as worth more than the routines you are stepping in the way of. You better make good on that individuals attention – you might not get another shot. Attention is the premier resource, treat it with respect.